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Address campsite

Mendig airport
At the Old Fort 112
56743 Mendig

Please follow the “Camping ” signs from the festival site.

Check in at the campsite

Check-in at the campsite can already take place from Friday 30.08.2024. Please follow the “Camping” signs from the festival site and have your camping ticket ready.

Camping rules

One camping ticket is required per person (example: tent with 3 people = 3 tickets)

Our house rules apply both on the festival site and on the campsite.

Opening hours

Check-In: Friday, August 30, 2024 from 3 p.m.

(You can still buy camping tickets on site at the reception but be careful there won’t be too many available, so better buy your camping ticket in advance)

Check-Out: Monday, September 02, 2024 until 12.00 noon


There will be plenty of showers and washbasins to get the dirt and sweat off your body from partying. There will be a separate shower camp with water-flushed toilets and washbasins with mirrors/electricity.


At the Monkey Cage Festival Camping there will only be electricity in the shower camp and in the VIP cabins. We will also provide you with separate areas where you can charge your cell phone.

Please note that generators or car batteries are not permitted on the camping site. Our security staff will make sure that these devices are not brought onto the premises during check-in.

Note In our camping area for the guests who will come with their camper, enough power distributors are distributed on the site.

Barbecue, cooking & fire

The following rules must be observed for grilling, cooking and fires:

  1. The use of disposable & small charcoal barbecues and small gas camping stoves in front of the tents is permitted. But must be under supervision at all times.
  2. Gas barbecues of any kind are not permitted.
  3. Barbecuing and cooking in the tent is not permitted.
  4. The use of alcohol, gasoline and other flammable liquids is not permitted. Only commercially available charcoal lighters may be used in accordance with the instructions for use.
  5. The barbecue must never burn or burn out unattended, there will be several metal barrels to dispose of the burnt-out charcoal. Under no circumstances may the charcoal be disposed of in normal waste containers or on the lawn.
  6. In the event of a fire, the security personnel should be informed immediately.
  7. In the event of severe weather, we will inform you and unfortunately prohibit you from barbecuing.
  8. Open campfires are strictly prohibited on the entire camping site.
  9. Fireworks and any kind of pyrotechnics are prohibited on the entire site.


Music on the campsite is of course part of it. Please note that no gensets or car batteries will be allowed. Bringing smaller Bluetooth boxes will be permitted.

Nevertheless, everyone should be considerate of their camping neighbors and not overdo it with the volume.


Please bear in mind that your tent offers little to no protection against theft. So please only bring what is absolutely necessary and always carry your valuables with you, the less you store in your tent, the less chance there is for thieves to steal something valuable.

There will be lockers on the festival site where you can lock up your valuables.

Lost property

Lost property can be handed in and collected at our reception at any time.

All lost property that has not been collected after the festival will be handed in to the lost and found office in Mendig after one week.


Glass in any form will not be allowed on the festival grounds or in the camping area. Thorough checks will be carried out at check-in. Anything that is secured by our security staff will not be stored at the entrances and cannot be collected at a later date. Please also note that perfume, deodorant and make-up products are not allowed on the festival grounds and may not be taken inside.

Shishas with acrylic bowls are permitted on the camping site. Shishas with glass bowls may not be taken onto the site and will be taken from you at check-in, they will not be stored and cannot be collected again after the festival.

Prohibited items

There will be security checks both at the entrance to the festival site and at the entrance to the campsite (including body and bag checks)

The following items are prohibited in both areas and will be collected and disposed of by our security staff:

  • Aggregates and car batteries
  • Drugs acc. Narcotics Act
  • Drones
  • Torches
  • Gas cylinders of all kinds including perfumes & deodorants
  • Gas cartridges with more than 450g filling
  • Laser pointer
  • Team tents
  • Deodorant & Perfume
  • Megaphone
  • Furniture (sofa sets tables etc )
  • Political and/or religious objects / symbolism
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Home-made music systems
  • Animals / Pets
  • Powerstations excluded Commercially available power banks that fit in a trouser pocket
  • Shishas with glass bowl
  • Any kind of flammable liquids (gasoline, spirits, other flammable liquids)
  • Dry ice
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Sparklers

All items collected will not be stored and cannot be collected again – they will be disposed of immediately. Any violation of these rules may result in immediate expulsion from the festival and camping site.


Animals of any kind have no place at a festival or campsite and should be left at home.


Please make sure that you leave your pitch clean when you dismantle it and take everything you have brought back with you. Please do not leave any tents or pavilions and think of our environment. There will be enough garbage containers throughout the camping area where you can dispose of your garbage.

Garbage deposit

You will receive a garbage bag from us at check-in for a fee of 10€. As soon as you have handed in the bin bag at our waste station, you will either receive a new bin bag or you can get your €10 deposit back.

Deposit collection ban

The collection of recyclable materials in a commercial sense is prohibited.

Anyone who violates this prohibition and is caught must expect to have the collected deposit bottles taken from them. And this will be punished with an immediate expulsion from the festival and camping site.

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